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Energy Transition analytical Technician, IC HPLC GC

  • Locatie:

    Amsterdam, Nederland

  • Contactpersoon:

    Rens van Roosmalen

  • Contractsoorten:


  • Telefoon contactpersoon:

    +31 (0)20 406 97 50

  • Bedrijfssectoren:

    Consumer & Industrials, Energy, Oil and Gas

  • E-mail contactpersoon:

Do you want to join the R&D team for the electrification of industrial processes? These processes are an important way for achieving net-zero emission production. Technicians with a chemical background IC HPLC GC, please contact me

Job description
As a experimentalist / Lab technician which a chemical background and is experience with e.g. HPLC, IC, GC, titrations, you will work or the electrification of industrial processes which are important for achieving net-zero emissions production by 2050
One of the key technologies is electrodialysis An electrochemical membrane separation process in which ions are transferred through selective ion-exchange membranes, which can replace energy- and greenhouse gas-intensive separation processes such as thermal distillation.

As a lab technician, you will be responsible for and deploying various tasks.

  • Performing electrodialysis experiments on different setups
  • Preparing samples
  • Performing sample analyses with different techniques such as ion chromatography, HPLC, gas chromatography, titration
  • Analyzing and interpreting experimental data
  • Reporting and presenting results
  • Niche skills in electrochemistry work field are preferred. The role further requires you to thrive in a dynamic environment where you flexibly work across different teams with different needs.


  • Min. MLO or HLO/ Bsc degree within chemistry
  • Experience with ion- liquid- and gas chromatography IC/ HPLC / GC and Io; comfortable working with high pressure systems and devices
  • Able to work within a R&D environment
  • Able to delivery high quality experimental and analytical data
  • Proactive and can-do mentality with strong sense of responsibility and accountability
  • Good command of English language, good command of Dutch language is a plus
  • Passionate about working safe and efficient
  • Flexible team player with good communication skills


  • Employment start through Oxford
  • Salary indication: depending on education level and experience € 3100 to € 4700
  • Working hours: 40 hours a week, part-time employment can be discussed (flexible working hours)
  • Location: Amsterdam