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Lab Assistant

  • Location:

    Strombeek-Bever, Belgium

  • Contact:

    Sebastien Barxhon

  • Job type:

    Temp to Perm

  • Contact phone:

    0032 15445882

  • Industry:

  • Contact email:

Do you want to work as lab assistent in a big company region Brussels?

Job Description

Able to operate with excellence high end as well as standard characterization techniques used within the MSUC Characterisation team, according to validated standard operation procedures, and versus testing plan aligned with Operation Leader weekly.
Run routine analysis tests on products and samples.The Lab assistant will not prepare the samples nor take part in the product development stages and projects.The lab assistant will also be expected to help generate the supporting analytical data under standard operating procedures that have been pre-established, i.e. data collection and report from the different characterisation techniques, sharing this to technical experts/Operation Leader. In addition, it is expected that the lab assistant will provide ongoing instrument cleaning, maintenance of laboratory equipment as well as performing equipment verification according to standard procedures, replenishment of laboratory supplies and consumables. The lab assistant is also responsible for scrapping of samples according the safety guidelines.

  • Following all standard operating procedures.
  • Following all safety and QA procedures.
  • Be familiar with the capabilities and the procedures for using all equipment – including base characterisation tools.
  • Learn standard equipment operating and routine analysis procedures carried out within MSUC Characterisation including: Particle Size Distribution, Particle shape analysis, Microscopy, pH, Rheology, conductivity, moisture, density measurement.
  • Setting up testing units autonomously according to standard operation procedures, ensuring the set-up meets all safety and QA regulations, and eventual discussion with clients and/or MSUC experts on the set-up.
  • Operating the equipment autonomously according to standard procedures (with or without MSUC personnel) to generate the data required.
  • Maintenance, upkeep of laboratory equipment: candidate will support company expert on regular maintenance of equipment capability. Ensuring these equipment are performing adequately, and executing required cleaning and general maintenance tasks in line with company expert guidance.
  • Performance of regular validation tests on different analytical techniques according to standard operating procedures, as well as reporting results accordingly.
  • Managing and organising the storage of equipment parts and consumables, ensuring that nothing is lost and that everything is available when needed.
  • Also highlight need to replace any broken/missing equipment in a timely manner so that we can replace it before it’s needed again.
  • Also proactively communicate the needs for additional equipment to MSUC personnel.
  • Capturing data, e.g. pH, temperature, colour, psd, shape, rheology etc…data, and handling/reporting digital data generated by measuring equipment according to standard procedures.
  • Upon completion of each trial, clean and tidy away the system so that it’s ready for the set up for the next trial.
  • For some specific projects, the person operating the equipment the unit many need to help generate the support analytical data under standard operating conditions (e.g. on rheometers or form, size and shape analytical equipment.
  • Removal of processed samples according to safety guidelines 

  • Minimum qualification level as Bachelor degree in chemistry
  • Working experience in an analytical laboratory, preferably in industry not academic (NOT in a management function, but a technical function!!)
  • Preferably has knowledge and experience in physical analytical techniques e.g. microscopy, particle size, shape analysis, ….
  • Mechanical/optical insights: comfortable performing tasks involving assembly of technical equipment instrument for cleaning and general maintenance purposes.
  • Analytical skills: capable of detecting an issue with an instrument technique or data and identifying required solution and/or report correctly.
  • Be able to work with high accuracy and precision, so quality minded.
  • Have excellent reporting skills and capable of presenting the data in a fashionable way in decent English.
  • Teamwork spirit.
  • Safety and good housekeeping minded.
  • Focused person even if work is repetitive.
  • Good communication skills – good knowledge of English.
  • Good computer skills, use of Excel, Word and mail are a must.

  • Temporary job from August 24 until November 30th