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Technician Fire Assays - 2 shifts

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    Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

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    +31 (0)20 406 97 50

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Are you eager to find an engaging job that involves more than sitting behind a desk all day? As a Fire Assay Technician, you'll be actively involved in metal analysis, handling crucibles and performing fire assays. We are looking for an enthusiastic chemist who knows how to take initiative!

Job Description:
Our client, an independent quality laboratory in Rotterdam, is seeking a skilled Fire Assay Technician to perform analysis on ores and metals. This laboratory conducts a wide range of tests on various products, including fuels, coal, and biomass. As a Fire Assay Technician, your primary responsibility will be to conduct fire assays to determine the purity of metals, such as gold and silver. This entails handling heavy crucibles, operating furnaces (physical work), conducting precise measurements, and working with lead and heavy metals. The fire assay is a unique and specialized technique, and you will receive thorough training to separate impurities from precious metals through a fusion process, accurately determining the quantity and purity of the metal. Your attention to safety and precision will be crucial in ensuring a high-quality analysis. This physically demanding technique requires a hands-on approach, and you should be willing to put in the effort to master the fire assay technique.


  • Perform fire assays to analyze metals
  • Handle crucibles and operate furnaces
  • Conduct precise measurements
  • Work with lead and heavy metals
  • Interpret and report results accurately
  • Maintain equipment and perform regular checks
  • Monitor and control reagents and other supplies
  • Maintain digital logs


  • Possess an MLO diploma (Laboratory Technician)
  • This role requires physical stamina and maturity
  • Familiarity with chemistry and chemical analyses
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well with colleagues
  • Team player with excellent communication skills
  • Proficient in both Dutch and English
  • Own transportation is necessary due to working hours and location


  • Region: Rotterdam
  • Salary range: €2500 - €4500 gross per month
  • Potential for a permanent contract
  • Shift work: 6-15 hours and 15-23 hours (2 shifts) with a 17% shift allowance
  • Full-time position, 40 hours per week (part-time not available)
  • Job Number: 23252

If you are a motivated Fire Assay Technician with a passion for analytical chemistry, ready to take on a physically engaging role in our Rotterdam laboratory, then apply now!