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Medical Information Specialist (EN)

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    Aurelie Petit

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    +32 25 88 16 02

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Do you have experience in Medical Affairs/Information, in the pharma industry and vaccine? Are you a team player with Medical Writing experience ? Apply Now !

Job Description :
For a multinational pharmaceutical company, we are looking for a Medical Information Specialist with experience within Medical Writing with a PhD in Pharm/Biomedical sciences (or MD) to Ensure professional handling of external Medical Information questions, delivery of timely MI within the framework of the client's policies, legal and regulatory expectations.

Medical Information Management:

  • Development and Maintenance of standard letters; management of the process for receipt and resolution of questions not dealt with in standard letters but considered as MI queries, maintenance of appropriate systems and tools for management of Medical Information, reporting on Medical Information activities (volume, issues...), appropriate communication of safety issues raised via medical queries.
  • General support and coordination to ensure accuracy of reply to LOCs for all queries that cannot be addressed locally.
  • Contribute to ongoing improvement of this process, being influential within Medical Affairs in anchoring this process, through appropriate engagement with Medical Affairs players. Signal to the management issues with non-respect of the MI process.
  • Develop, review & communicate medically relevant insights to Global Medical affairs on the questions received and any trends or gaps observed. Possibly, if the need arises and depending on experience of person delivering the above services
  • Man the Medical Information booth at selected congresses.


  • PhD (or MD), in Pharmacy, BioMedical Sciences, Life Sciences or equivalent.
  • 7-10 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and Medical Affairs/Information.
  • Experience and sound starting knowledge of vaccines.
  • Strong clinical/therapeutic knowledge, pathophysiology, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy knowledge.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Rigorous and disciplined approach, well structured and organized, with eye for details, analytical skills.
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, accurately.

Benefits :

  • Balanced salary package based on your skills and experience
  • Remote and office work balance or full remote with adhoc travel

Vacancy number: 22746